Saturday, November 26, 2011

In My Dream

He comes back
He says he's sorry
The skilled hands that I missed caress my own
The apologetic eyes that look at me, the voice I want to hear
Tenderly telling me not to cry

If I hold you in my arms you disappear and
The tears flow and my pillow becomes wet
At last I wake up from my sleep
Morning is always like this... My Love

I hope I fall asleep forever like this
I wake up with his presence still...
Although I hope I don't dream again,
Today too it seems I fall asleep with his presence

He's smiling
It's really been too long
I've missed that expression, his my boy isn't he
He's walking away
Embracing another person
My chest feels like it's being crushed under a heavy weight

I'm dreaming again, right?
Cold sweat runs down me
It's hurts, it's a dream of things I hate to even remember
I can't do anything all day long
We'll spend time together, right my Love

Everything is becoming cloudy but his image is getting stronger
Like in yesterday's dream, today he comes to me
Now I don't sleep alone

If I could only see you again today, if I could do it again, if you came back again....
If you slept by my side just once more, if it happened again...
I wouldn't want to wake up
If I could fall sleep......

p/s:i cry out for u but you're so far away,i cry out for u but you're already gone..........

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